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The Generator Room is the powerhouse of the plant, filled with massive generators that are now silent following the cyberattack. This room is crucial for restoring power and stability to the entire grid.

The vast room is dimly lit by emergency lighting, casting long shadows over the silent giants— the generators. Tools are scattered haphazardly across the floor, and an open maintenance panel on one of the generators shows signs of a hurried, unfinished job. The eerie silence starkly contrasts with the usual low rumble of active generators. Occasionally, the sound of dripping oil or the clank of a loose panel echoes through space, adding to the tense atmosphere. The smell of diesel and machine oil permeates the air. The room, usually a place of controlled power and noise, now feels like a dormant beast waiting to be awakened, adding a palpable sense of urgency to the task at hand.

You also notice a table with a non-functional HMI (Human Machine Interface). There is a laptop on the desk as well with the following screen:


Question 4: What is this indicating?

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