​​​​​​​​MIP Select incorporates select modules of the MIP at a scope and competency level that will help attendees develop important skills and abilities to lead them to success.

​Below are two examples where the MIP and MIP Select differ in scope and competency levels:


  • ​​​MIP: Strategic thinking and execution are both explored and developed in the MIP. Focus is placed not only on identifying and defining strategic initiatives but also on execution of those initiatives.
  • MIP Select: The strategy module will focus on change/risk management and implementation of strategic initiatives via daily operations and goals.


  • ​MIP: The focus is on power supply issues and approaches, including a thorough examination of the history of cooperative power supply, distributed energy resources, G&Ts, All Requirements Contract issues and risk as well as managing a power portfolio in a dynamic market.
  • MIP Select: This module concentrates on G&Ts and their role in the market, risks associated with supply and All Requirements Contract issues.