Maintaining your designation as an active Certified Loss Control Professional (CLCP) is easy.

You are only required to:

  • Remit an annual payment of the $110 professional fee

  • Complete eight (8) hours of continuing education each calendar year.

After initial certification, each CLCP is required to complete eight (8) hours of safety and/or loss control training each calendar year and remit an annual $110 professional fee to maintain CLCP status, which begins on January 1 of the year following the award of certification. For example, if a CLCP becomes certified on May 20, 2011, his or her cycle begins on January 1, 2012 — the CLCP must complete eight hours by December 31, 2012, to maintain CLCP status. Failure to complete the continuing education requirement will result in suspension of the certification. Re-instatement policies are outlined below. (Each January, NRECA will send an invoice for the professional fee and you may be randomly selected to provide proof of continuing safety education completed in the prior year. All CE information should be held until you receive notice in January.)

Suspension/Re-Certification Policies

Failure to complete the annual CE requirement and pay the professional fee will result in suspension of the Loss Control certification. Loss Control recipients who have been decertified may appeal for reinstatement by making a formal written request to the Certification Panel through NRECA's Loss Control Program Director. Requests will be reviewed as received. The following guidelines will be used by the panel to determine if reinstatement is appropriate:

  1. The reinstatement candidate can be no more than five years in arrears for continuing education and/or annual certification fees.

  2. If the decertified period is less than five years, the following are required:

    1. Continuing education documentation must be submitted illustrating the equivalent continuing education was obtained as if the candidate had current CLCP status (e.g. if the arrears period is three years, 24 hours [three years x eight hours per year required] of Continuing Education documentation is required). The types of Continuing Education that can be applied are outlined in the Certification Manual.

    2. The candidate must make payment for certification equivalent to the arrears period Annual Certification Payments (e.g. if the arrears period is three years, the candidate must make up three years of payment at whatever the fees were during the arrears period.

  3. If the decertified period has exceeded five years the candidate will need to complete the entire program to reestablish CLCP status.