1. Describe your current role and your responsibilities.
I just got a promotion to Communications Content Supervisor, so I will oversee all materials produced by CIPCO ​prior to their production/release. This includes social media, newsletters, Web sites (ours and our members), brochures or anything else we put out.

2. In general, how has being a Certified Cooperative Communicator (CCC) helped you in your work and in your career?
It really has been a positive stamp on my abilities and people recognize that when they come to me for advice or to help with a project. Certainly, the study portion of preparing for the test is where I really learned A TON about the industry, especially since I was fairly new to all of it at the time. I'm so grateful to have gone through the experience and feel that it has paid off ever since.

3. What’s one thing about being a CCC that has made a difference for you?
I think it's mostly in the recognition I get from my superiors as well as fellow cooperative communicators, whether they are CCC or not. I feel like they trust my judgement just a little bit more because I have the designation.

4. What is something you’ve approached differently or had greater success with because of what you learned from CCC?
I have a much easier time explaining what it is CIPCO does, and my role within it, thanks to the process of studying for the test. I have a greater understanding of our challenges in a new energy economy, and what it will take to navigate us through and communicate our position on those challenges.

5. What advice would you give someone considering the Certified Cooperative Communicator (CCC) Program?
Some people go through the process and bring a background in communications (like me). Others do not have formal communications training or a degree, but have extensive co-op knowledge. Becoming a CCC is a marriage of both. Whatever your strengths, your journey to become a CCC will be both challenging and highly rewarding because it will require you to stretch your knowledge, get comfortable learning new things, and ultimately, be able to better serve your cooperative members through your communication efforts.