​1. Describe your current role and your responsibilities.
I am in charge of HR, Member Services, Safety & Loss Control, and Corporate Security & Investigations.

2. In general, how has the Cooperative Financial Professional Certificate (CFPC) helped you in your work and in your career?
The CFPC has provided me with a strong cooperative financial foundation that allows me to actively contribute during meetings regarding our Coop's finances.

3. What's one thing from CFPC that has made a difference for you?
One thing that made a difference was the opportunity to take the time to do a deep dive on my Capstone Project.

4. What is something you've approached differently or had greater success with because of what you learned from CFPC?
I feel like I speak from a position of knowledge and authority when I'm discussing the topic I researched and wrote about in my Capstone Project.

5. What advice would you give someone considering the CFPC?
Advice that I would give to someone considering the CFPC is don't shortchange your Capstone Project.