CFC recently released its second segment in the Plant Accounting for Cooperatives learning series. This program development is ongoing and projected to include six online modules on plant accounting and work order procedures for electric cooperatives.

Now live, Module 2: Anatomy of a Work Order builds on the overview provided in Module 1. The newly released training delves into a construction work order by taking a closer look at types of work orders; key components of a construction work order, including components of costs; key records and processes associated with work orders; and how to close a work order on a cooperative’s balance sheet.

Co-op Employees Agree, Training Valuable to All Employees

“We had participation from almost every team within our organization when Module 1 was released, and we fully expect that to continue with Module 2,” Virginia-based Southside Electric Cooperative Vice President of Finance and Corporate Services Jason Loehr said. After completing the new unit himself, Loehr continued, “This latest module does an extraordinary job providing content that is relevant, easy to digest and reaches a wide-ranging audience.”

Darrin Sand of North Dakota-based Mountrail Williams Electric Cooperative agreed, “Coming from the communications side of the cooperative, I am not involved with plant accounting every day. But I feel it is important to know how all the cooperative processes work.” Sand is participating in CFC Plant Accounting learning program to communicate with not only member-owners, but also new employees.

The Plant Accounting for Cooperatives learning program, which includes Module 1: Introduction to Cooperative Plant Accounting and now Module 2: Anatomy of a Work Order, is available through CFC Academy, CFC’s online learning platform. CFC Academy also hosts the KRTA Level 1 Certificate Program class online and tutorials on how to fill out the CFC Form 7. For additional information, please contact MemberTraining@nrucfc.coop​.​