NCSC Board of Directors has voted to hold its Annual Membership Meeting on August 6 by means of remote communication. In a June 18 meeting, the board also voted to put forth bylaw amendments that would allow the organization the permanent opportunity to conduct virtual member meetings, including director elections.

“It’s become apparent that we need some degree of flexibility in our meeting requirements to continue to do the important work of governing NCSC even when we can’t convene in person to elect directors or transact other business,” NCSC Board President John Lee explained. “Delegates at the remote meeting will conduct director elections in Districts 1 and 3, and also vote for or against the proposed bylaw amendments.”

The NCSC Annual Membership Meeting was planned for June 16 in Salt Lake City in conjunction with CFC Forum 2020, but those events were canceled in April due to the ongoing nationwide pandemic.

In May, the Council of the District of Columbia passed emergency legislation to amend the district’s Cooperative Association Act and create a 90-day window that allows organizations to transact business, including conducting elections in a remote meeting setting—regardless of bylaw provisions. Since NCSC is incorporated in the district the legislation covers this remote meeting.

In order to transact business at the Annual Membership Meeting, a quorum of at least 10 percent of the membership must be established.

“I urge NCSC voting delegates to join us on August 6. I also encourage delegates to cast their mail-in ballot for director elections and the bylaw changes as soon as they have reviewed the material and made their decision on how to vote,” Lee added.

A packet that includes the notice of meeting, directions to register for the remote event, director candidate profiles, redline and summary of the proposed bylaw amendments, and a mail-in ballot will be sent to all NCSC voting members at least 30 days before the meeting date.