​In this episode of CFC Solutions Cast, we chat with Roanoke Electric Cooperative CEO Marshall Cherry and Cobb Electric Membership Corporation Vice President of Power Supply, Rates and DER Strategy Tim Jarrell as they discuss their rollout of electric vehicle (EV) charging programs, member adoption and how member feedback is driving improvements.

Roanoke, based in northeast North Carolina, has the lowest population density in the state and recently implemented a strategic vision, called Vision 2025, to drive the cooperative to implement services that are more efficient for its member-owners.

Cobb, based in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, is the polar opposite of Roanoke—very dense and urban—but has similar goals of ensuring its products and services satisfy member needs.

While both systems took different approaches to meet member EV charging requirements, the cooperatives are focused on providing charging solutions that are a win-win for members to save money and ensure EVs are plugged in during off-peak times.

Listen to the Solutions Cast to find out what Cobb and Roanoke have in store for the future as member EV adoption increases in both urban and rural areas.​