Ryan Thomas, former general manager at East Texas Electric Cooperative (ETEC), Nacogdoches, Texas, recently joined CFC as vice president of Strategic Services Management. Thomas brings a legacy and passion for electric cooperative service to his new CFC post where he will direct the development and facilitation of strategic planning programs.

Legacy of Electric Cooperative Service

“CFC has been there for the cooperative network through good and bad times,” Thomas reflected. “I remember my grandfather handing me a CFC pen in the late ’80s or early ’90s and asking him who CFC was.” His grandfather replied, “They are our banker, and we couldn’t get along without them.”

R.C. Thomas Hydroelectric Project in Polk County, Texas, was named after Thomas’ grandfather, who served on ETEC member Sam Houston Electric Cooperative’s board of directors for more than four decades.

As ETEC’s general manager since 2016, Thomas managed all generation and transmission (G&T) operations and power supply decisions.

Passion for Providing Value to Member Cooperatives

“I wanted to join CFC because all of my experiences with them in the past have been second to none,” Thomas remarked. “Every service CFC provides is done in a first-class manner with the member’s best interest in mind. I am excited to be part of a team that provides meaningful, value-added services to member cooperatives throughout the country.”

Thomas began his electric cooperative career in 2006 as chief financial officer at ETEC. Throughout his G&T management experience he has refinanced interim debt, secured nearly $1 billion in loans and two $50 million Clean Renewable Energy Bonds, saving members millions of dollars while maintaining affordability and reliability.

“CFC had a hand in financing all those generation assets, either via leading syndicated credit facilities that were utilized for construction, low-cost Clean Renewable Energy Bonds or long-term financing for state-of-the-art, efficient coal plants,” Thomas explained.

Thomas earned a master of science in accounting and a bachelor’s degree with distinction in business administration from Texas A&M University.