CFC recently released its third segment in the Plant Accounting for Cooperatives learning series. This program development is ongoing and projected to include six online modules on plant accounting and work order procedures for electric cooperatives.

Now live, “Module 3: Components of Construction Costs” continues to build on the previous two releases. The training explores the components of construction costs, direct labor, direct materials and indirect overhead. It provides cooperative employees with insights on how to engage in quality labor cost identification, procedures and processes for inventory accounting in the work order process, allocating overhead, identifying resources for special equipment and how it all ties into the Construction Work Order.

“We’re working with electric cooperative finance and operations mangers to ensure the plant accounting training is relevant and engaging,” CFC Financial Training Development Supervisor Rebecca Kinnish said. “While the program content is geared toward finance and accounting staff, all cooperative employees can learn something new from the three modules.”

The Plant Accounting for Cooperatives learning program, which includes “Module 1: Introduction to Plant Accounting” and “Module 2: Anatomy of a Work Order,” is available through CFC Academy, CFC’s online learning platform. CFC Academy also hosts KRTA Level 1 Online and tutorials on how to fill out the CFC Form 7.

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