​CFC will launch the first of six online modules focused on plant accounting and work order procedures for electric cooperatives on Wednesday, September 23.

“We worked with our members to determine the most important plant accounting topics and developed content to orient new cooperative staff to industry-specific procedures that are documented in the Federal Register,” CFC Manager of Member Training and Education Casey Bell explained. “We designed this training for the more than 8,000 new employees who joined the electric cooperative workforce last year.”

In the First Module, Learners Will Be Able to:

  • Understand the genesis and purpose of plant accounting procedures.
  • Identify resources and records available to plant accountants in the cooperative industry.
  • Reference the Rural Utilities Service Uniform System of Accounts and Work Order Procedures documented in Bulletins 1767B-1 and 1767B-2.
  • Describe, at a high level, the chain of events for a cooperative work-order process.

“This is a great initiative, and the timing is right given the institutional knowledge leaving our industry in this area,” Virginia’s Southside Electric Cooperative CFO Jason Loehr said. “We have various teams within our cooperative looking forward to take advantage of this training opportunity.”

The training can be accessed through CFC Academy, CFC’s online learning platform that also hosts KRTA Certificate Program Level 1 Online and tutorials on how to fill out the CFC Form 7. For additional information, please contact MemberTraining@nrucfc.coop.