CFC and Farmer Mac electronic invoices are now available to view and download in the CFC Member Website Document Center. All members will continue to receive mailed paper invoices—unless they specify otherwise.

“Following a 25-member electronic invoice pilot program earlier this year, we received positive feedback on the overall ease of accessing invoices in the Document Center,” CFC Loan Accounting Manager Elizabeth Shutler said. “Based on member feedback and interest, we’re looking forward to providing the option for members to request to receive only electronic invoices in the future.”

May 2021 Electronic Invoices Are Now Available in the Document Center

Members with a CFC Member Website account and portfolio access can view invoices electronically beginning this month. To access the debt service notices for both CFC and Farmer Mac loans, log in to the CFC Member Website and then click on the Document Center link located in the custom section of the landing page.

From the Document Center page, click on the Invoices folder that will contain all invoices beginning this month. Electronic invoices will be available for 13 months from the day they are generated.

Members who do not have an account for the CFC Member Website and/or do not have account portfolio access, can complete and submit the CFC/NCSC Website Account Portfolio Access Authorization form.

Save Time and Paper with Electronic Invoices

“With electronic invoices, there’s no week-long wait for the mail to be delivered,” Shutler explained. “Some of the other benefits of electronic invoices include their instant availability after being generated, members have the option to be notified via e-mail when they are available, as well as saving paper, time and postage. They’re a win-win for members and CFC.”

Members can request to receive a monthly e-mail notification when invoices are available by completing and submitting the CFC Debt Service Invoice E-Mail Notification form. Unsubscribing from the notification can be done by clicking the unsubscribe link in the monthly invoice notification e-mail.

When members are ready to discontinue receiving mailed paper invoices, they can complete and submit the Authorization to Discontinue Sending Paper Invoices for Debt Service form.

For questions, e-mail CFC_Loan_Accounting@nrucfc.coop or contact the CFC Member Center at 800-424-2955 or MemberCenter@nrucfc.coop.

For additional information and links to forms, visit the Debt Service Invoices page.​