CFC retired and distributed $58 million to members, representing half of the fiscal year (FY) 2021 patronage capital allocation, $45 million, as well as $13 million in unretired patronage capital from fiscal year 1996.

This marks the 42nd year in a row CFC has returned capital credits. In all, CFC has returned nearly $2 billion to its member-owners since 1980. The 891 systems receiving distributions chose the option to receive a mailed check (32 percent) or wire transfer (60 percent) or put the money into a CFC investment product (8 percent).

Recipients also could make voluntary donations to the Cooperative System Integrity Fund using all or a portion of their retirement. Almost 400 systems elected to contribute a total of $770,987 to the fund.

Payments were transferred electronically or mailed on September 17. The 2021 Patronage Capital Certificates are now available for printing from the CFC Member Website. Members can find them along with their detailed patronage capital allocation and retirement ​history under the Account Portfolio tab, Portfolio Management section, on the Member Website. ​​