​​Office of the Governor

Sheldon Petersen​, Chief Executive Officer - 703-467-7400

John Evans, Exectuive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer - 703-467-7401

Business and Industry Development Group

Greg Starheim, Senior Vice President, Business and Industry Development - 703-467-7405

Corporate Services Group

Graceann Clendenen, Senior Vice President, Corporate Services - 703-467-1727

Corporate Relations Group

Brad Captain, Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations - 703-467-1646

Credit Risk Management Group

John Borak, Senior Vice President, Credit Risk Management - 703-467-7403

Legal Services Group

Roberta Aronson, Senior Vice President and General Counsel - 703-467-1872

Loan Operations Group

Robin Reed, Senior Vice President, Loan Operations - 703-467-1621

Member Services Group

Joel Allen, Senior Vice President, Member Services - 703-467-1887

Strategic Services Group

Steve Kettler, Senior Vice President, Strategic Services Group - 703-467-2736

Treasury and Finance Group

Andrew Don, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer - 703-467-7402

More Information

For more information on CFC and its products and services, please visit the CFC website at You may also call CFC headquarters in Dulles, VA, at 800-424-2954 or the Member Center at 800-424-2955.