CFC will hold a Special Membership Meeting on August 14 by means of remote communication in order to vote on bylaw amendments that would allow the organization to conduct virtual member meetings, including director elections.

The meeting is called at the request of the CFC Board of Directors, which met on June 19 and voted in favor of holding the Special Membership Meeting and recommending bylaw changes to the membership.

“The CFC Board of Directors unanimously recommends a vote in favor of amending its bylaws. These changes will enable us to navigate these unprecedented and uncertain times and also ensure our business moves forward while keeping our members and CFC staff safe,” CFC Board President Dean Tesch explained.

Council of the District of Columbia Passed Emergency Legislation To Allow Cooperatives To Hold Virtual Member Meeting

Thanks in part to efforts by CFC, the Council of the District of Columbia passed emergency legislation in May to amend the district’s Cooperative Association Act and create a 90-day window that allows organizations to transact business, including conducting elections in a remote meeting setting—regardless of bylaw provisions. Since CFC is incorporated in the district the legislation applies to it.

The main purpose of the proposed bylaw changes is to permanently provide for virtual meetings and allow voting members who participate remotely and also mail-in ballots to be included in the quorum count. The proposed changes specify that these conditions only apply when the notice of meeting indicates remote participation may occur.

“These bylaw changes will allow voting delegates to convene remotely and participate in CFC’s planned District Meetings that will be held in conjunction with NRECA’s Virtual Regional Meetings Week in October, including conducting director elections,” Senior Vice President of Corporate Relations Brad Captain added.

At Least 10 Percent of Membership Must Participate in the Special Membership Meeting to Establish Quorum

In order to transact business at the Special Membership Meeting, a quorum of at least 10 percent of the membership must be established.

“I urge our voting members to join us on August 14 and cast their ballots. I also encourage delegates unable to attend the Special Membership Meeting to vote by mail as soon as they have reviewed the proposed changes and made their decision on how to vote,” Tesch concluded.

A packet that includes the notice of meeting, directions to register for the remote event, redline of the proposed bylaw amendments, summary of the changes and mail-in ballot will be sent to all CFC voting members at least 45 days before the meeting date.