CFC BudgetPro—a Microsoft Excel-based model designed to assist electric cooperatives in preparing their operating budget—has been enhanced and is now available online to electric distribution cooperatives.
Members can download it from the CFC Member Website today.

New Member-Requested Features

“Whether through providing financial consulting or training on CFC’s financial tools, we take our members’ feedback to heart,” CFC Budgeting Expert Trevor Barnett explained. “We want our members to be successful, and we believe these enhancements to BudgetPro will make the budgeting process easier.”

New features included in CFC BudgetPro 5.9.20:

  • Activity-based budgeting for revenue, operating expenses and capital expenditures.
  • Expansion of payroll overtime rates and hours from one to three combinations per employee.
  • Ability to export the budget to your accounting system—in multiple formats for various vendors.
Noteworthy features from the previous update:

  • Robust payroll security
  • KRTA Toolpak model integration
  • Upgraded graph interface

“We designed the activity code feature to be flexible, understanding that not all cooperatives are developing an activity-based budget,” Barnett added. “The space for activity codes can also be used to track important capital project expenditures or tag certain expenses and revenue as strategic. Using the new activity code feature in BudgetPro is completely optional.”

CFC BudgetPro is part of a series of financial tools, including the KRTA Toolpak and CFC Compass, designed to help cooperative staff become more efficient and effective on the job. All versions of the program are available for download from the CFC Member Website (login required).