Changes to NRECA-supported Browsers

As of November 1, 2017, NRECA will no longer support use of the Internet Explorer 10 web browser (IE 10) on and the NRECA Employee Benefits website.

Why are we ending our support of IE 10?

  1. Internet Explorer 10 is no longer supported by Microsoft. Microsoft ended support for IE 10 in January 2016, which means it no longer provides technical support, compatibility fixes or security updates for this browser.
  2. Vendors also are ending support. Our vendors who provide web services to our members also are, or already have, ended support for IE 10.

Upgrading your browser

NRECA is committed to providing a modern, rich Internet experience for our PC and mobile users. This means working with browsers that support key web standards that allow modern websites to be robust, interactive and mobile friendly.

If your co-op uses IE 10, please consider upgrading to a current supported version of one of these industry standard browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Upgrading will allow you to enjoy a web browsing experience that eliminates the compatibility issues and vulnerabilities that come from using an older browser.

You may want to notify your employees about this upcoming change so they can make the necessary changes to their home computers.

If you have questions about NRECA's browser support policy, please contact the Member Contact Center at 866.673.2299. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 7 am to 7 pm, Central time.

For your reference, the chart below shows supported browsers for and the NRECA Employee Benefits website.

Click a logo below to upgrade now. Supported Browsers

We recommend Internet Explorer 11 for accessing employee benefits information
Internet Explorer - for PC, Mac & Linux
(click icon to download for free)
​ ​ ​

Other Browsers:
Google Chrome - for PC, Mac & Linux
(click icon to download for free)
Mozilla Firefox - for PC, Mac & Linux
(click icon to download for free)​
Apple Safari - for Mac
(click icon to download for free)