​​​For purposes of this policy, “Publicly Posted Material” refers to all material that is available on the public portion of the website. “Password Protected Material” refers to all material that is only available on the password-protected portion of the website.

The website contains articles, videos, info graphics, and audio content (the “Materials”) that are protected by copyright under the laws of the United States and such other countries which are signatories to the Berne Convention. All copyrights to the Materials made available on are owned by NRECA or by its licensors.


Unless additional restrictions are contained or referenced on any Publicly Posted Material, NRECA grants users of the public portion of a worldwide, royalty-free, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, revocable license to access, use, reproduce, download, share, distribute, and publicly post Material, in whole, for non-commercial purpose, subject to the additional terms below, and provided that such users provide the following language on each page of every document used:

Reprinted with permission of NRECA (insert year) All Rights Reserved

Linking back to, or to a specific article available on can be done without prior notice or permission from NRECA.


Unless more restrictive or permissive rights are contained or referenced directly on any Password Protected Material, subject to the additional terms below, NRECA grants solely to NRECA voting members, their respective employees, directors, and consultants, which are acting on behalf of the NRECA voting member, the right to access, use, download, share, and distribute for non-commercial purposes Password Protected Material internally within such NRECA voting member company or on its behalf at no charge and without NRECA's prior written approval. Voting members authorized to distribute NRECA's Password Protected Material shall include the following language on each page of the footer of every document used, unless more restrictive or permissive rights require other language:

Shared with permission of NRECA (insert year) All Rights Reserved

This material is confidential and is only permitted to be shared internally.


​Users may not use Material in any way that allows them to download, snip, extract, redistribute or create derivative works using subcomp​onents of Material as a standalone file. For example, users may not use any images contained in an article independently from use of the actual article itself. If, for any reason, NRECA wishes to revoke a user’s license to use Publicly Posted Material granted herein, and, upon NRECA’s written request, user shall immediately remove or destroy all such Material from its website, social media pages, computers and any other places in which such Material is stored or posted.