At its December 2016 meeting, the NRECA Board adopted a resolution recommending that NRECA and CFC create and support a member task force to study electric cooperative governance.

Similar task forces have been created in the past to address various issues, such as capital credits and rate design. We are pleased to announce the task force members to you. The governance task force is made up of 20 members. [Click here for a list of task force members.]

Each individual has unique knowledge and experience on governance matters. The task force represents a mix of NRECA voting members from across the country: 11 co-op directors, many of whom have served on statewide and/or G&T boards; three distribution co-op CEOs; one G&T CEO; four statewide CEOs; and one co-op general counsel.

We anticipate that these individuals will bring thoughtful consideration to the governance topics presented, and we look forward to receiving their findings later this year.


Pat Mangan, NRECA Director of Governance Education, and Jessica Healy, NRECA Assistant General Counsel, have been appointed as NRECA staff liaisons. If you have questions, please contact them at or

Your input is welcome! If you have comments, ideas, or suggestions regarding the work of the governance task force, please send them to the task force via email to