DEI Definition and NRECA Resolution


​​​​​​NRECA's efforts related to diversity, equity and inclusion are guided by the NRECA member resolution presented ​below. When referencing DEI, we use the following definitions:


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Diversity,  Equity and Inclusion Defined

​​​​Diversity: the individual characteristics, experiences and beliefs that define each individual and make them unique

Equity: ensuring fair treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for everyone through the organization’s culture, procedures, processes, and distribution of resources

Inclusion: the policies, norms and behaviors that ensure that everyone feels welcomed, respected, valued and encouraged to succeed​

NRECA Resolution on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

​Electric cooperatives have embraced the precepts of inclusion and equal representation since their founding and continue to lead the way as the needs of their unique communities and membership evolve and diversify. We urge NRECA to encourage the ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and demonstrate to its members the value and business advantages of understanding and incorporating DEI into their business practices to achieve greater member-owner loyalty and increased member-owner satisfaction.

We further urge NRECA to:

  • Research successful business practices and highlight positive results realized by electric cooperatives and others that have embraced DEI in their business approaches; and

  • Based on successful DEI business practices employed by cooperatives and other organizations, provide a basic framework or guide for electric cooperatives interested in incorporating DEI business practices in their business structure and strategies.