NRECA is working with member cooperatives, government partners and other technology innovators to design, develop and deploy cutting-edge technology solutions today to meet tomorrow's energy needs.

From distribution system operations, the integration of renewable energy solutions and distributed energy resources, cyber and physical security and more, NRECA is helping electric cooperatives address their most pressing technology challenges.


Business and Technology Strategies
NRECA provides guidance and resources for electric cooperatives to help address a number of critical strategic areas essential to the goal of providing safe, affordable and reliable energy, including:

  • Analytics, Resiliency & Reliability
  • Cybersecurity
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Generation, Environment and Carbon
  • Renewables and Distributed Generation
  • Resource Adequacy and Markets
  • Transmission and Distribution

The Consumer-Centric Utility Future
This white paper outlines NRECA vision for our industry's future. In it, NRECA describes how a consumer-centric utility model both promotes innovation and mitigates risks that come with rapid change.