For more than 50 years, NRECA International has been a global ambassador for the cooperative business model, working in developing countries to help governments and their citizens bring electricity to remote communities, leading to improvements in education, healthcare, safety and economic opportunity. NRECA International has brought electric service to more than 126 million people in 43 developing countries.

NRECA International's work is supported by more than 300 NRECA-member cooperatives that contribute time, funding and materials to rural communities around the globe.


NRECA International

NRECA International and America's Electric Cooperatives in Haiti
America's electric cooperatives have partnered with NRECA International to help bring electricity to two regions in Haiti.

NRECA International in Liberia
NRECA International has inaugurated two electric co-ops in Liberia's rural areas, with more on the way. One will be an NRECA International-funded project that will electrify Totota, a bustling regional trading center.

Key Facts about NRECA International
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