​​​​​Experts say maintaining strong diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices relies on conducting regular assessments and having a plan for improvement. Below is a list of resources to get started:

  • ​Cooperative.com provides workforce assessment tools to explore state-level data on hiring and employment trends. Contact: Desiree Dunham, NRECA manager of talent programs, desiree.dunham@nreca.coop or 703-907-5995.
  • NRECA is developing resources on cooperative.com to assess workplace culture. Co-ops can participate in a customized culture survey to identify gaps and work with a facilitator on a follow-up plan. An assessment tool and other resources will go online later this year. Contact: Delaine Orendorff, NRECA senior principal for management services, delaine.orendorff@nreca.coop or 571-289-9023.
  • NRECA offers several certificate programs for co-op staff and directors on concepts integral to building DEI in workplace culture. Programs include Cooperative Career Essentials, the Supervisor and Manager Development Program and Director Education Certificate programs. Contact: ​Pat Mangan, NRECA director of governance education, patrick.mangan@nreca.coop or 703-907-5626​.
  • NRECA’s economics and business unit can analyze demographics within your service area based on government sources. Contact: Michael Leitman, NRECA senior analyst for economics and business, michael.leitman@nreca.coop or 703-907-5864.
  • The Women in Power online professional community on cooperative.com was started this past fall and has more than 1,000 members. Contact: Brandon Hensley, NRECA senior manager of membership, brandon.hensley@nreca.coop or 703-907-5930.