Success Stories

"WQC poles are all we use and we have never used another inspection service. Their inspectors come by each year and check the quality of my poles. Their inspections are professional and very thorough. They generate a detailed inspection report that is very helpful for my staff."

Ron Bostic, Licking REC

"WQC makes us feel comfortable we're getting what we paid for. It gives us peace of mind."

Andy Eddleman, Paragould Light, Water and Cable

"The WQC inspectors are very knowledgeable and they're on our side. That is, our best interest is their best interest. Whenever I have had a problem with a manufacturer's product, WQC takes care of the situation and I can maintain a good relationship with the vendor. WQC knows their stuff!"

Jim Hixon, N.W. Power Electric Cooperative, Inc.

"We've used WQC ever since the program was started. A WQC inspector comes to our poleyard facility several times each year. Though some co-ops still use other inspection programs, WQC is still the best out there. The program has been very worthwhile."

Bill Jones, Kenergy

"WQC helps us use the utility's money wisely. They make sure we get good, straight poles every time. Our linemen and people from other utilities have even commented on the quality of our poles. I have no doubt that the WQC-inspected and approved poles we're putting in the ground now will last 50 or 60 years."

Bill Mills, Sikeston Light and Water

"We trust WQC because they thoroughly check each pole and explain any issues to us. Plus, any time they find a bad pole, they contact the supplier and work with them to resolve the issue, saving us time. I would absolutely recommend WQC. I'm completely satisfied with the inspection service they provide us."

Dennis O'Neal, Clarksville Light and Water

"We receive better-quality poles because manufacturers know we use WQC. The quality of the merchandise is well worth our small up-front investment. Plus, we're very busy and WQC is an extra set of eyes to inspect poles-here in our poleyard and at the manufacturer. This saves us time and money in the long run."

Jesse Redmond, Clinton Utilities

"In my experience, the WQC inspectors are very knowledgeable. In the entire time we have used WQC poles, we have never had one fail."

Glenn Thweatt, Big Rivers Energy