NRECA Regional Meetings Near

It might seem like it was just Independence Day, but NRECA’s regional meetings are just around the corner. The first begins right after Labor Day.

Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center hosts the first NRECA regional meeting. (Photo By: David L. Lawrence Convention Center)

Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center hosts the first NRECA regional meeting. (Photo By: David L. Lawrence Convention Center)

"The Regional Meetings are an important step in our resolutions process and also provide the opportunity for us to explore together a number of industry issues that are relevant to co-ops in each region," said Tracey Steiner, NRECA senior vice president, education and training.

Between Sept. 6 and Nov. 2, five meetings will take place covering all 10 NRECA regions. The format for all meetings will be similar.

NRECA CEO Jim Matheson will open the first general session. He will be followed by either Kevin Eikenberry or Guy Harris, both from The Kevin Eikenberry Group, speaking about "Creating a Leadership Legacy at Your Co-op." They'll look at ways to prepare your workforce for the future.

The first day will also include two sets of breakout sessions—three sets in Regions 1 and 4—each with a choice of topics. Those include a look at the opportunities cooperatives have to integrate new technologies into the grid; making sure your co-op's board is doing what's necessary to ensure proper oversight; and how distribution co-ops and their G&Ts can work together in the changing energy landscape.

Sheldon C. Petersen, CEO of the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp. (CFC), will speak at the CFC lunch, and CoBank will host an evening reception.

Day two of each meeting begins with the ACRE® breakfast at which Matheson will provide remarks, followed by a general session at which participants will hear from NRECA President Phil Carson.

Regional business meetings also take place on the second day. The National Resolutions Committee met in June and made recommendations on resolutions that should be adopted.

One urges NRECA to take "a prominent leadership and advocacy role" to "ensure cooperatives have the ability to provide broadband voluntarily, on their own or in partnership with other local providers, in rural America." It calls NRECA's leadership "critical to present a unified voice for America's electric cooperatives."

Another urges NRECA "to engage the membership, industry stakeholders, policymakers and regulators on the economic and environmental benefits of electrification." It notes that promoting electrification can provide many economic and environmental benefits to local communities and the nation, "while increasing electricity sales for electric cooperatives."

Adoption of five proposed amendments is also being recommended, including one related to the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan.

Additionally, at each venue, there will be a full day of director education and a workshop for CEOs titled "Designing Your Cooperative's Future 2.0" preceding the start of the meeting.

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