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Financing the Future

April 01, 2016

These modules discuss modern methods of financing for utility-scale renewables, battery storage, broadband, distributed energy resources and energy efficiency. 


Cost and Finance Screening Tool for Utility-Scale Solar Projects

June 01, 2015

Use the screening tool now, available as Excel file from Dropbox. Need help? Watch our tutorial video.



PV Field Manual and Reference Designs

February 01, 2015

Volume I of the field manual covers utility-scale solar business models and financing options. Volumes II and III cover topics for engineers.

PV Field Manual and Reference Designs


Land Acquisition and Siting Challenges White Paper

July 01, 2015

Challenges related to acquiring and permitting land can delay a solar project months when not handled appropriately. This white paper explores how four co-ops have overcome barriers to land acquisition and permitting.


SUNDA White Paper on Land Acquisition and Siting Challenges (Public) 

PV Land Audit Form

Solar Leasing and Solar PPA Programs: The Increase in Residential Photovoltaic Solar Deployment

November 01, 2013

This article explores the basic business model and solar leasing program offered by SolarCity—the largest, vertically-integrated, and only publicly traded solar leasing company at this time.

Solar Leasing and Solar PPA Programs: The Increase in Residential Photovoltaic Solar Deployment (Co-op Resource)

The Changing Cost of Solar Power—Financing Options for Electric Cooperatives

October 01, 2013

This article explores options for electric cooperatives to leverage their unique financial advantages to finance PV solar projects, and discusses approaches for electricity rates.

The Changing Cost of Solar Power—Financing Options for Electric Cooperatives (Co-op Resource)


Solar Tools: Getting Co-ops Up to Speed on Their Solar Options

May 31, 2016

Learn more about the solar resources and tools NRECA developed including business models, financing options, engineering designs, a PV field manual and training and best practices for operations and maintenance.

Watch the webinar (Public)

Case Studies for Deploying Utility-Scale Solar PV

May 11, 2016

90 minute presentation covering first-hand experiences from three successful cooperative solar deployments. Includes predicted and actual system costs, challenges and lessons learned.

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Cooperative Experiences with Community Solar

August 01, 2015

This 90-minute presentation explores community solar business models and the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. Hear from three co-ops already implementing community solar and learn about NRECA’s community solar resources.

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The Business of Solar: Owning Utility Scale PV

July 01, 2014

This webinar focuses on the financial opportunities and barriers to installing utility-scale PV including business models, the utility’s role in system operation, assets and ownership, and different financing options.

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