PV Field Manual and Reference Designs

​PV Field Manual and Reference Designs

February 01, 2015

Volume I of the field manual covers utility-scale solar business models and financing options. Volumes II and III cover topics for engineers.

Cooperative Utility PV Field Manual

NRECA’s Cooperative Utility PV Field Manual is a three-volume series designed to support electric cooperatives as they explore and pursue utility-scale solar PV deployments. SUNDA products and lessons learned for evaluation, implementation and operation of utility-scale solar PV are discussed in detail. (Note: Volumes II and III are written specifically for engineers.)

NRECA-Cooperative-Utility-Field-Manual-Volume-I-Final.pdfVolume I: Business Models and Financing Options
Attachment-A-SEPA-Utility-Solar-Tax-Manual-updated-2012.pdfAttachment: SEPA Tax Manual
NRECA-Cooperative-Utility-PV-Field-Manual-Vol-II-Final.pdfVolume II: Planning, Design, Installation/Interconnection, and Commissioning
NRECA-Cooperative-Utility-PV-Field-Manual-Volume-III-Final.pdfVolume III: Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring
Attachment-A-PV-Site-Commissioning-Checklist.xlsxAttachment A – PV Site Commissioning Checklist (XLSX)
Attachment-B-PV-Site-Inspection-Checklist-Punchlist-and-Annual.xlsxAttachment B – PV Site Inspection Checklist – Punchlist and Annual (XLSX)
Attachment-C-PV-DC-Insulation-Test-Commissioning-and-Annual.xlsxAttachment C – PV DC Insulation Test – Commissioning and Annual (XLSX)
Attachment-D-PV-String-Test-Commissioning-and-Annual.xlsxAttachment D – PV String Test – Commissioning and Annual (XLSX)
Attachment-E-Energy-and-Capacity-Performance-Test-Commissioning-and-Annual.xlsxAttachment E – Energy and Capacity Performance Test – Commissioning and Annual (XLSX)
Attachment-F-Sample-Report-OM-Annual-Report-Template.xlsxAttachment F – Sample Report – O&M Annual Report Template (XLSX)
SUNDA Reference Designs

Experienced engineers can use these templates to design for 250kW (single inverter and string inverter design), 500 kW and 1 MW utility-scale PV solar projects.

nreca_sunda_standard_design_250kw_600v_20150818.pdf250kW 600V, Single Inverter
nreca_sunda_standard_design_250kw_1000v_20150817.pdf250kW 1000V, String Inverter
nreca_sunda_standard_design_500kw_1000v_20150818.pdf500kW 1000V, Single Inverter
nreca_sunda_standard_design_1000kw_1000v_20150818.pdf1000kW 1000V, Two 500kW Inverters
1000kw_1000v_singleaxis_tracking_system_with_string_inverters.pdf1000kW 1000v, Singleaxis Tracking System with String Inverters
nreca_sunda_standard_design_1050kw_1500v_20170406.pdf1050kW 1500V, Single Inverter
SUNDA-Reference-Block-Design-Disclaimer.pdfSUNDA Reference Block Design Disclaimer

The CAD files for these designs are available to co-op members. Please send request to SUNDA@nreca.coop