Renewables & Distributed Generation (RE/DG)

The RE/DG work group delivers tools and products that provide guidance in renewables, energy storage, and distributed generation adoption and deployment by building and maintaining an advanced business and technical knowledge base through partnerships and focused research. The unique role of this work group, together with other internal and external stakeholders, helps co-ops understand the opportunities and challenges, and engages the co-op communities around the issues of renewables, energy storage, and distributed generation. Ultimately, these resources and tools assist electric co-ops in being industry leaders in renewables through well-informed decisions and responsible investments in renewable technologies that affect their future growth.


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tech_advisory__tracking_and_pv.pdfDoes Tracking Make Sense for Co-op PV Systems?This report discusses the various benefits of off-azimuth and tracking configurations from the perspective of a distribution co-op.
final_member_financing_guide_2.27.17_draft.docxMember Financing for Energy Efficiency and Solar: A Guide for Cooperatives
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TS_Compressed_Air_Energy_Storage_Nov_2013.pdfCompressed Air Energy StorageThis article provides co-ops with insights into CAES and the benefits of this large-scale energy storage technology in time-shifting generation and matching it with demand.
Debunking-the-Myth-of-TVSS-Energy-Savings.pdfDebunking the Myth of TVSS Energy SavingsThis reports examines energy efficiency claims of Transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSSs).
EnergyStorage.pdfEnergy Storage for Renewable Energy, and Transmission and Distribution Asset DeferralThis project serves as a product evaluation/comparison for the 600-V splices tested.
EnergyStorageintheFutureGrid.pdfEnergy Storage in the Future GridEnergy storage systems have the potential to revolutionize the electrical grid, especially as new renewable generation is added to the existing generation fleet.
ts_commercial_energy_storage_oct_2014.pdfIntelligent Energy Storage: Customers Use Batteries to Improve ‘Power Efficiency’New energy technologies such as wind and solar are becoming more prevalent but their output is intermittent. Intelligent energy storage systems—comprised of batteries, inverters, data analytics, software
TS_Energy_Storage_Market_Drivers_April_20151.pdfThe Energy Storage Market: Regulatory and Policy Drivers & the California Mandate, a Case StudyEnergy storage is a main focus for the renewables market, prompted in large part by legislative and regulatory mandates. This article discusses these drivers, including a case study on California’s mandate.
UtilityEngagementwithEmergingStorageTechnologies.pdfUtility Engagement with Emerging Storage TechnologiesThe long-term future for emerging storage technologies is likely, but not certain to be bright; in 2015, applications will be restricted to niches rather than being widespread.
TS-Battery-Energy-Storage-Systems-Feb-2017.pdfWhen It Comes to Battery Storage Systems, Co-ops Should Focus on a Primary ApplicationThis article reviews the benefits of battery energy storage systems (BESS) and the importance for co-ops to focus on a primary application for developing a business case.
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techadvisoryenergystorageusecasecommercialaugust2016.pdfCommercial DSMEnergy Storage Use Case
techadvisorycoopbatteryenergystorageapplicationsoct2016.pdfCo-op Battery Energy Storage Applications - October 2016Technology Advisories
techadvisoryenergystorageusecasedistributiondsmaugust2016.pdfDistribution DSMEnergy Storage Use Case
techadvisoryenergystorageusecasesubstationoptimizationaugust2016.pdfDistribution System Optimization via Substation StorageEnergy Storage Use Case
tech_advisory_energy_storage_lexicon_january_2016.pdfElectrical Energy Storage – A Lexicon
techadvisoryenergystorageusecasepvsmoothingaugust2016.pdfPV SmoothingEnergy Storage Use Case
Technology-Advisory_Tesla-Energy-EnergyStorage.pdfTesla Energy PowerWall
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ts_small_hydro_april_2013.pdfSmall-Scale Hydro Systems: Limited Environmental Impact but Expensive and Time-Consuming to Permit
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ts_100_renewables_nov_2015.pdf100% Renewable Portfolio: What Does It Mean and Is It Attainable?This article explores the concept of a "100% Renewable" portfolio, examining what this term means, which areas of the country are pursuing increasing levels of renewable resources.
ts_kiuc_pv_case_study_july_2015.pdfCase Study: Kauai Island Utility Cooperative - The Impact of Extensive PV PenetrationThis article provides a case study of KIUC, which has experienced dramatic growth in solar photovoltaic systems, and shares lessons learned about issues related with significant solar PV growth.
tsconsiderationsforintegratingrenewablesmay2017.pdfConsiderations for Integrating RenewablesThis article provides an overview of the fundamentals of renewable generation and storage.  The goal of this article is to provide guidance on planning for the economic integration of new large centralized renewable and energy storage systems, as well as
ts_obf_for_ee_and_re_february_2016.pdfFinancing Member Investments in Efficiency and Solar: A Solution for Cooperatives?
TS_Meter_Collars_January_2016.pdfMeter Collars for Distributed GenerationThis article profiles a commercial product, the ConnectDER*, a meter collar developed to reduce the cost and risk of interconnecting residential photovoltaic (PV) systems.
ts_pv_fire_safety_oct_2014.pdfPV Safety & Code DevelopmentsAs part of the Renewables and Distributed Generation area of NRECA technology research, this article serves to detail for cooperatives PV safety concerns fire fighters face, evolution of related codes and guidelines, and opportunities for education and tr
ts_dg_toolkit_update_june_2015.pdfRising to the Challenge of Distributed Generation InterconnectionsThis article explains the recent changes to SGIP, and provides recommendations for cooperatives. Cooperatives that are regulated by their state commissions should review any specific state requirements and ensure compliance.
TS_Energy_Storage_PPA_April_2015.pdfThe Energy Storage Market: Energy Storage Power Purchase Agreement ModelThis article focuses on how third-parties are offering consumers power purchase agreements (PPAs) for energy storage, and the impact on electric cooperatives.
TS_Energy_Storage_Market_Drivers_April_2015.pdfThe Energy Storage Market: Regulatory and Policy Drivers & the California Mandate, a Case StudyEnergy storage is a main focus for the renewables market, prompted in large part by legislative and regulatory mandates. This article discusses these drivers, including a case study on California’s mandate.
20160427_nreca_vos_whitepaper.pdfThe Value of Distributed Solar Generation White Paper
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TS_Solar_PV_Fact_Sheet_Jan_2014.pdfSolar Fact Sheet – January 2014
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tsadvisorysolareclipseseptember2017.pdf2017 Eclipse Effects on Co-op Solar Arrays - September 2017
technologyl_advisory_dispatchable_solar_final_10_7_2015.pdfDispatchable Solar Power
tech_advisory_der_inverters_safety.pdfDistributed Energy Resources (DER) with Inverters: Safe Work Rules and Procedures - July 2016
tech_advisory_itc_extension_update.pdfExtension of the Solar and Wind ITC
Tech Advisory - Considering Solar - FINAL 12.21.16.pdfHave you thought about Solar lately?
technologyadvisorysolarfactsheetpvasenergysourcemar2017.pdfPV as Energy Source
tech_advisory_itc_extension_january_2016.pdfSolar Investment Tax Credit and Wind Production Tax Credit Extended
Technology-Advisory_Tesla-Energy.pdfTesla Energy PowerWall
Tech Advisory SUNDA Tools Completed - FINAL 12.21.16.pdfTools & Resources to Help Co-ops Evaluate and Implement Solar PV
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technologyadvisorysolarfactsheetintegrationtogridaugust2016.pdfSolar Integration to the Grid – July 2016
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intermittentgenerationrev2.pdfImpacts of Increased Intermittent Generation on Baseloaded Coal Operations
TS_Renewables_Own_vs_PPA_July2016.pdfRenewable Energy for Cooperatives: Ownership vs. Power Purchase Agreements

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