Resource Adequacy & Markets (RA/M)
Resource Adequacy & Markets (RA/M)

The Resource Adequacy and Markets (RA/M) Work Group is concerned with electric co-ops’ challenges to new or changing regulatory proposals, as well as evolving markets/economics issues. The Work Group was established to help co-ops with sound financial management decisions and to protect the electric co-op industry interests. A main focus is to analyze current and evolving resource adequacy and market issues and initiatives, and to monitor regulatory and legislative issues through collaboration with NRECA and external groups in support of overall policy objectives. Additionally, the Resource Adequacy and Markets Work Group educates members on RTO/ISO market and reliability developments and initiatives affecting resource adequacy and pricing.

For information about the current work products and resources available through this Work Group, please see our Business and Technology Strategies department’s Portfolio (PDF).

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