Generation, Environment & Carbon (G/E/C)

The G/E/C work group provides resources and tools that prepare co-ops for the future and help keep generation assets viable in the current and future market. The process is focused on ensuring cost-effective power supply for electric cooperatives, while facilitating compliance with environmental regulations. This is done through the collection of data, monitoring of technologies and research that reduce costs and environmental impact of existing assets. The data collected and ensuing research is meant to support members of the electric co-op community on issues related to fossil and nuclear generation and fuels; environmental compliance; and carbon mitigation, capture, sequestration, and utilization.

For information about the current work products and resources available through this Work Group, please see our Business and Technology Strategies department’s Portfolio.

Research Projects

Articles & Reports

Opportunities for Electric Cooperative Investment in New Local Generation Options

This report assesses the potential of six generation options besides solar that can be developed at the local level as part of an integrated resource plan. These resources are well scaled to serve co-op areas, and most have already been deployed by cooperatives to meet member demand for green power, comply with state renewable mandates, and foster economic development. While this analysis uses EPA's Clean Power Plan (CPP) as a basis for evaluation, these resources merit consideration regardless of the ultimate fate of the CPP, both as possible business opportunities to keep resources in the local community, and as compliance mechanisms for current and future environmental/carbon regulations and policies at the state and federal levels.

Technology Advisories

Tech-Advisory-CPP-Modeling-and-Analysis-Feb-2016.pdfNRECA’s Electric Sector Modeling and Analysis of the Clean Power Plan
tech_advisory__natural_gas__august_2017.pdfToday's Natural Gas Supply: The Impact of the Shale Gas Revolution