Market to Co-ops


NRECA, the service organization for America's electric cooperatives, is your gateway to the co-op marketplace! If electric cooperatives are your target audience, NRECA can help you.

Increase your visibility with America's electric co-ops:


  • Exhibit at co-op events
    Interact face-to-face with decision makers from electric cooperatives so you can make connections and increase sales.



  • Sponsor co-op events
    Meet your target audience, gain visibility in the cooperative marketplace, generate awareness, introduce products and services and build your brand.


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Why do business with America’s Electric Cooperatives?

Electric co-ops are the fastest-growing utility market in the country. With assets worth $112 billion, our co-ops add consumers faster than investor-owned utilities and seek new and innovative technologies and resources to keep their operations competitive.

Cooperatives together:
  • Spend over $4.5 billion annually on distribution and power generation
  • Employ 70,000 people in the U.S.
  • Serve more than 1.7 million commercial accounts, more than 83,000 industrial accounts and more than 14 million residences
  • Serve 80 percent of the nation’s counties and maintain an international presence in 35 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean
  • Own assets worth $112 billion
  • Operate 2.5 million miles, or 42 percent, of the nation’s electric distribution lines
  • Own roughly 52,000 MW of generation capacity — more power than any single electric utility or federal power agency in the U.S.