​​Cooperative.com is a secure and private website for members of the electric cooperative family sponsored by NRECA, CFC and Federated.

Cooperative.com's Purpose

The goal of Cooperative.com is to help you do your job better, help your co-op or public power district be more successful and ultimately to strengthen the national network of electric cooperatives. We do this by facilitating collaboration among co-op directors, managers and staff; by providing access to timely industry-specific tools, information and educational opportunities; and by working to constantly evolve to better meet your changing needs.

Finding What You Need

Cooperative.com is a big website, and everyone needs help now and then. If you have questions about Cooperative.com, contact us. Log into Cooperative.com for access to a site search tool.

Supported Browsers

We are committed to making Cooperative.com as easily accessible to members as possible. We have tested and support many Web browsers. View a list of Web browsers​ that have been fully tested and are supported by Cooperative.com.​


Tell us how to make your site better. You can e-mail suggestions and observations to john.gill@nreca.coop. Don’t be shy; we really would love to hear from you!