The Consumer-Centric Utility Future

In 2015, the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) invited NRECA and other electric industry leaders to offer their views of what our industry’s future will look like and help chart a path to get there together, as part of SEPA’s 51st State Initiative. The following documents share NRECA’s vision:

51st State Initiative Reports

Power and Elegance: The Consumer-Centric Utility Model

Phase I Report
A Cooperative Path to a Sustainable Future

Phase II Report
The Consumer-Centric Utility Future

Phase III Report
The Role of the Consumer-Centric Utility

Cooperatives Powering a Clean Energy Future

America’s electric cooperatives are proof a consumer-centric utility model can drive innovation. These interactive maps detail the growth of renewable energy capacity among co-ops and the array of energy efficiency programs available to consumers.

Renewable Energy

Nationwide, co-ops control a total of more than
6.3 GW of renewable wind, solar, biomass and
other renewable capacity — in addition to roughly
10 GW of federal hydroelectric power.

Cooperatives and Renewable Resources Map

​​Energy Efficiency

750 Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives are
participating in the only utility-sponsored nation-
wide campaign to promote efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Map