In April 2018, NRECA, Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange and electric co-op statewide safety leaders introduced the Commitment to Zero Contacts initiative, an initiative designed to provide cooperative CEOs, senior leaders, and field personnel with ideas and resources they need to help eliminate serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) due to electrical contact and enhance co-op safety programs. Several resources, from guides and graphics to videos and commitment forms are available in the Commitment to Zero Contacts Toolkit.

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Toolkit Resources:

CEO Commitment Form

CEOs, take the pledge to commit to zero contacts! Make a voluntary commitment for your co-op to join this nationwide initiative by submitting the CEO Commitment Form below.

Once made, you will receive an email confirmation of your commitment and a certificate of recognition will be provided. Your co-op's name will also be added to a published list of participating co-ops.

Make the Commitment Now

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How are we doing so far?

Results show a growing number of commitments across several states.

Employee Commitment Form

The effort to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities due to electrical contacts involves educating and engaging every single employee. Employees can make their own voluntary commitment by using the template below – or personalize it for their cooperative.

Download Employee Commitment Template

​​New!​ Emergency Information Placard

This adhesive Commitment to Zero placard provides a writing surface where emergency information can be written (physical location, GPS coordinates, emergency contact numbers, etc.) during a job briefing session. Place it on vehicles or in locations as determined by the crew and/or co-op operating procedures to be easily accessible in case of an emergency.

Need a supply of placards shipped directly to your co-op?Currently out of stock. Contact for details.


Introductory Video
This introductory video helps introduce employees to the challenges they face and the science behind the behaviors that lead to and how to prevent serious injury and fatality.

Commitment to Zero Contacts Video for Senior Leaders
This video for Senior Leaders provides a CEO perspective on the Commitment to Zero Contacts initiative and how its resources can be used to enhance cooperative safety programs and culture.

NOTE: Videos for Clearance Procedures, Adequate Cover and Designated Observer Documentary are still being finalized. Notifications will be sent out when they are completed and posted within the Toolkit.

Implementation Guides

A series of implementation guides have been developed to help introduce senior leaders and staff to the Commitment to Zero Contacts initiative:

Implementation Guide for Senior Leaders
This guide outlines specific steps to help senior co-op leaders assess their cooperative’s current practices, make improvements where needed and create an approach to sustain improvement.

Implementation Guide for Field Personnel
This guide outlines six steps your cooperative can implement to help meet the challenge of achieving ZERO contacts.


Two logos were designed to support your cooperative’s commitment to zero contacts. The logos can be used for signage and other materials to bring attention to this initiative. Displaying a logo will help reinforce- and remind- co-op employees of their pledge to utilize safe behaviors, every time.

Download Logo (JPG)
Download Logo (PDF)
Download Logo (EPS)

Download Logo w/ Gloved Hand (PNG)
Download Logo w/ Gloved Hand (PDF)
Download Logo w/ Gloved Hand (EPS)

Download B&W Logo (PNG)
Download B&W Logo (PDF)
Download B&W Logo (EPS)

Download B&W Logo w/ Gloved Hand (PNG)
Download B&W Logo w/ Gloved Hand (PDF)
Download B&W Logo w/ Gloved Hand (EPS)

An employee commitment posting board graphic has been designed for your co-op to use as a way to help display individual employee commitments. The graphic can be printed out by a local printer to support your co-op commitment process.

Download Commitment to Safety Poster EPS
Download Commitment to Safety Poster PDF

S.A.F.E. Resources

A new job planning app has been created for use on all mobile devices! The purpose of this app is to slow work down and direct line personnel's attention to "life-saving" rules to help build and reinforce safe habits. The app delivers a job briefing process that emphasizes engaging analytical thinking and reasoning in safety procedures. Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

How to Use the S.A.F.E Job-Planning App

Download S.A.F.E. Job-Planning App Guide
Download this guide to learn more about the S.A.F.E. App, download instructions, and how to set up the app for those who will be completing job briefings with the app.

​​New!​S.A.F.E. App Demonstration

Safety Culture. It Takes a Team.
Download this new video from Clark County REMC as they share the processes behind their safety culture. See how safety leadership and safety culture work together - including a demonstration on how to use the S.A.F.E. App with your crews.

NOTE: Thank you to Clark County REMC for sharing this video for inclusion in the Commitment to Zero Toolkit!


Make the Commitment to Zero Contacts "stick"!

Contact to have a supply of adhesive logos shipped directly to your co-op.

Sample Board Resolution

Use this sample board resolution template as a model to develop your own resolution showing your support for the Commitment to Zero Contacts initiative.

Download Sample Board Resolution

Disclaimer: Since this is a sample resolution, a co-op considering taking the above action should consult with their legal counsel to determine if this language is appropriate for their particular circumstances.


Contact Bud Branham (NRECA) at, 561-670-3502 or Corey Parr (Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange) at, 770-362-3373.