Our electric cooperatives are only as strong as the employees who work for them. Once you've attracted the top talent, how do you ensure an employee's success? The first step in that process is an effective orientation.

The Orientation Toolkit is designed to provide resources to the HR Administrator and/or hiring manager throughout the orientation process. The components of this toolkit were designed to be customized to meet the unique needs of your co-op.

Toolkit Components: The Business Case for an Orientation Program

New Employee Orientation: An Investment in Your Cooperative's Future

This brief presentation demonstrates the value of a new employee orientation program, the long-term benefits of integrating new hires into your co-op and how to prepare for a new employee coming on board.


Preparing for your new employee's arrival begins long before their first day.
What New Employees Really Need to Know

This article, "What New Employees Really Need to Know," serves as an overview particularly helpful for first-time supervisors or anyone who isn't involved in the hiring process on a frequent basis.

On the Job

Where do you begin when your new employee shows up on the first day? These resources are useful guides for the HR Administrator and/or supervisor during the new employee's first few days on the job.

Welcome Orientation
The Welcome Orientation PowerPoint presentation is designed to be customized to meet the needs of your co-op. Download this template, to which you can add your company name and logo, edit slides or delete those that don't apply to your co-op. The text shown in red reflects information that will vary and will need to be customized. Save your changes after making edits, and you'll have a valuable tool designed especially for your co-op.


These checklists serve as a guide to the HR administrator to ensure all relevant topics are covered on day one. These documents may be signed by the HR Administrator and the new employee and can be placed in the employee's file for future reference.

The following checklist will assist the hiring manager in making sure his or her new employee has all of the basic information they need. This list can be downloaded to your desktop and then customized based on the process your co-op follows.


Conducting post-orientation surveys can help measure the success of your orientation program. You may find the following surveys helpful. These can be customized to meet your needs — simply save the document to your desktop, then open to make your changes.

Further Measurement

Looking to improve your current new employee orientation program? Use this tool to further assess the effectiveness of your orientation program.

Orientation Program Audit

Helpful Links

  • Touchstone Energy: Offers helpful information about the uniqueness of working for an electric co-op.
  • EPCE: The Energy Providers Coalition for Education caters specifically to the needs of the electricity industry.
  • SHRM: The Society of Human Resource Management website is an excellent resource for employee orientation information.
  • HIPAA information: The Department of Health and Human Services has created a site with important information your employees need to know about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
  • Diversity Training: Dialogue on Diversity provides computer-based training to help you meet the challenges of delivering efficient, effective diversity training.