Before you start your search

Chat with an expert. Start with Leigh Taylor, Senior Principal, Executive Search. She's just a phone call away at 571-326-9547.

Schedule an informational discussion via video conference, conference call or on-site visit. Arrange for an NRECA consultant to review with your board to learn what to expect during the search process; risk management issues inherent to a search; benefits to your board and members; discuss concerns and issues specific to your system.

Helpful information during your executive search

  • Illegal Questions
    There are certain questions that candidates should not be asked. Don't be caught off-guard, and refer to our dos and don'ts.

  • Internal Candidates
    Do you have internal candidates that wish to be considered for the CEO position at your cooperative? Determining the process for handling internal candidates is a critical decision. Learn how to manage the risks.
    Should the Board Perform Their Own Search?

After you hire the new CEO/General Manager

Let us facilitate a leadership transition workshop to help with the adjustment process. The results are more open communication; clearly defined expectations, roles, relationships and responsibilities; and positioning the new CEO to be as effective and productive as possible.

We can also assist you in ongoing support of your newly placed CEO with a variety of tools.

Performance Appraisals

  • Facilitation of the annual performance appraisal is part of our search process, but also available as a separate service
  • Considerations when conducting a performance evaluation on the new CEO
  • Sample Performance Appraisal Form


Leigh Taylor,, 571-326-9547.​