Whether you are a new CEO or a board hiring a new CEO, NRECA's CEO transition workshop will help make the vital first year a success.

Reason for a Transition Service

For CEOs, quickly developing a good working relationship with the board is imperative for quality information analysis and decision-making as well as implementation of plans of action. Developing a clear understanding of language, meaning, and expectations is necessary before engaging in any successful undertaking. This facilitated process focuses on establishing clear communication, expectations, working relationships, and procedures, as well as organizational objectives and working guidelines. It also leads to the establishment and recognition of initial working styles that later become critical for a smooth working relationship.

Specifically, this process has the following purposes:

  • Create an environment for candid, frank discussion of issues

  • Establish a clear understanding of the expectations of all parties

  • Enhance overall communication

  • Develop a better working relationship with both the board and the senior staff

  • Foster an organizational environment conducive to the greatest productivity in the shortest timeframe

The Workshops

The workshops are one-day sessions designed to facilitate the working relationship–building process between the board and the CEO and/or the CEO and senior staff.

Our experienced consultant will have advance candid discussions with the members of the board and/or senior staff members and with the CEO to identify any issues or concerns deemed critical. A questionnaire is developed and delivered to each board member and/or senior staff member and to the CEO for completion. Once the questionnaires are completed, the consultant will summarize the results for discussion during the workshop. Preparation for the meeting will include establishing logistics and finalizing discussions of questionnaire results. The CEO transition workshop is thereby designed to accomplish the goals outlined above. Additional follow-up may include a report that analyzes the questionnaire and interviews.

We have worked with hundreds of systems across the country with one goal: success of the cooperative. The CEO Transition workshop is a proven way to reach that goal.

For more information, contact Kim Christiansen at or 571-424-4068.