Performance Management

Your People are Your Greatest Asset

Performance management is critical for every organization. Having a robust performance management system in place allows your organization to:

  • Align employee goals with the business strategy
  • Provide clarity around what employees should be focusing their efforts on
  • Help an organization with their training and development strategy
  • Provide the opportunity for ongoing feedback
  • Increase top talent retention
  • Increase employee engagement

Our process begins by reviewing and clarifying the cooperative’s human capital goals and defining specific performance management objectives. Our consultants work with each cooperative to build a performance management process; and related performance assessment system that not only focuses on “what gets done” but also on “how it gets done” using a goals and competency-based approach. Our performance assessment defines behaviors related to each competency, which reduces subjectivity in the appraisal process. We also train performance raters, typically supervisors and managers, in how to develop goals for the future that are clearly defined and timebound, in addition to providing training and coaching on performance discussions.

CEO Performance Assessment

We partner with cooperative boards to help assess and manage the performance of their only employee—the cooperative CEO. This process includes:

  • Development of a customized online survey to evaluate the CEO goals and performance for the past year. Uncover critical issues, concerns, barriers and bring to light opportunities for improvement
  • Gathering of goals and accomplishments from the CEO to populate the survey
  • Administration of survey to the board of directors
  • Collection and analysis of survey results
  • Generation of a summary report of survey results

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