Grid Data Analytics

Transform Data Into Actionable Information

Ready to unlock deep insights on operational performance and transform data into information you can use to make decisions? NRECA helps cooperatives realize the value of grid data analytics, beginning with the right data strategy, executed to leverage data across various operating technologies.

What To Expect
Typically, data is used within the framework from each technology it was designed for, often resulting in data silos.
NRECA's grid data analytics service guides cooperatives through a process to define, aggregate, configure, model and apply sourced data across the various suite of technologies, turning data into information that will help you manage your day-to-day operations more effectively and improve performance.

NRECA Works With Organizations To:

  • Identify data analytics opportunities.
  • Define analytics priorities and value proposition.
  • Formulate the associated data methodology and plan.
  • Access, model and present targeted analytics.
  • Develop a data analytics management process.

Learn more about NRECA's Grid Data Analytics service and delivery approach.


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