Policy Review

Improve Your Board Governing Policies

NRECA has the capability and the resources to provide a thorough and professional review of your governing policies, and can draw upon additional resources to address any specific issues identified by your co-op as being of special interest.

How We Work With You

Your co-op seeks to develop, review, and otherwise make significant improvements to its board governing policies. A comprehensive overview of the cooperative’s board governing policies would include developing new policies, eliminating or revising outdated policies, eliminating duplication, and distinguishing board policies from other policies, such as employee or operational policies.

The objective of a comprehensive overview would be to research and assess specific needs, develop recommendations, draft a new set of contemporary board policies for review by the board in a one or more facilitated sessions, and ultimately deliver a final, revised set of completed board policies.

Typically, the following steps would be conducted to research and develop a new set of board governing policies:

  • Data request.

  • Collection and research of existing bylaws, charter, and board policies, with other policies looked at on request.

  • Development (formal detailed proposal of perceived needs).

  • First draft of new and revised policies — reviewed by co-op attorney.Second draft of policies (if necessary after legal review).

  • Facilitated board discussion sessions to review drafts (this should be done over the course of several sessions; the number will depend on the amount of revisions necessary).

  • Revision and delivery of final policies


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