The NRECA Business and Technology Strategies Department’s Generation, Environment and Carbon (G/E/C) work group provides resources to help electric cooperatives keep generation assets viable in current and future markets and regulations. By collecting data, monitoring technologies and conducting research, the G/E/C work group supports co-ops on issues related to fossil and nuclear generation and fuels; environmental compliance; and carbon mitigation, capture, sequestration and utilization.

Available Resources

Reports, articles, white papers and other resources related to Generation, Environment and Carbon may be found here: Topics > Power Supply and Wholesale Markets.

Member Advisers

NRECA’s Business and Technology Strategies work groups are proud to be "member-driven." As such, the governance of the research program comprises NRECA members. View the GEC member advisers and technical liaisons.

Research Memberships

NRECA has agreements with several leading research organizations in order to provide our members with access to their research reporting.

Subject Matter Expert for Questions on Generation, Environment and Carbon

Co-ops are encouraged to contact the G/E/C work group lead with questions, comments and suggestions about current projects and the research agenda:

Dan Walsh,, 703-907-6846