Beginning March 2000, to facilitate flexibility in responding to rapidly changing environmental issues, the TAC changed the environmental subcommittee advisory structure. The four issue specific or media subcommittees were combined into a single environmental subcommittee. This subcommittee will be composed of eight members in all, and will function under the direction of the TAC. The TAC will appoint four media representatives (solid waste, water and transmission, global climate, and air quality) and two at large members. Additionally, the president and vice-president of the National Rural Electric Environmental Association (NREEA) will serve on the subcommittee. The TAC appointed members will serve staggered 3-year terms.


The mission of the TAC Environmental Subcommittee is to provide timely and credible technical support on environmental policy issues to the rural electric generating cooperative community, with emphasis on TAC and NRECA requirements. The subcommittee will also provide such support to the G&T Managers and members of NREEA.


The primary function of the subcommittee is to identify critical environmental issues and, as needed, establish issue specific work groups to provide needed technical support. Work groups will be established based on requests from the TAC, and may be established based on requests from NRECA or NREEA. Typically, once a work group is established and a basic charter developed a subcommittee liaison and work group chairman will be selected and appropriate G&T Managers informed. The primary responsibility for staffing the work groups will fall to the liaison and work group chairman.

Additionally, the Environmental Subcommittee, to the extent resources are available, will provide general technical support for environmental policy issues on an as needed basis. The subcommittee will also help prioritize environmental issues for the TAC and NRECA, as well as make recommendations on the need for, and content of, environmental resolutions.


The TAC Environmental Subcommittee reports to the TAC. The TAC chairman, the TAC liaison to this subcommittee and the president of the G&T Managers Association will be consulted about the formation of all work groups and notified of requests for information or support. As appropriate, the chairman and/or members of the subcommittee will provide written and/or verbal reports to the TAC at their semi-annual meetings.

TAC Members

Keith Stephens, NREEA President, PowerSouth
Ruth Valle, NREEA Vice President, Golden Spread 
Michelle Freeark, Subcommittee Chair, Sierra Southwest Cooperative Services
Kent Fletcher, Western Farmers
Curtis Warner, Arkansas Electric 
Brian Warner, Wolverine
Christy Johnson, GA Transmission
Toni Presnell, Oglethorpe

TAC Minutes

September 2017 Environmetnal Subcommittee Report for TAC

TAC Workgroups

​The TAC Environmental Subcommittee is responsible for several working groups that focus on specific issues in electric generation. Currently, there are working groups on Wetlands and Water Quality; CEM Recertification and Diagnostic Testing; New Source Review; Mercury; and Global Climate Change. Charters and issue summaries for these groups are found here.

Workgroup Charters
Carbon Management
Wetlands and Water Quality