The Environmental Subcommittee (Subcommittee) of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the G&T Manager’s Association is comprised of G&T employees who are involved in environmental regulatory, compliance, and policy issues facing the electric industry. The Subcommittee has a liaison from the TAC and liaison support from NRECA staff.

The Subcommittee is comprised of ten members. The President and Vice President of the National Rural Electric Environmental Association (NREEA) serve on the Subcommittee during their 2-year terms in office. The remaining eight TAC-appointed members serve staggered 3-year terms with approximately one third of the terms expiring at the end of each year.


The mission of the Subcommittee is to provide the TAC, NRECA staff, and the rural electric cooperative generating community with credible, technical support on relevant environmental policy issues that have been identified and established as priorities by the Environmental Policy Council (EPC).


The function of the Subcommittee is to leverage the knowledge and expertise of existing G&T environmental staff to advance the goals and strategic policy initiatives associated with critical environmental issues. The Subcommittee may also be called upon to establish focused working groups to provide technical support on environmental policy issues.

The Subcommittee also helps prioritize environmental issues for the TAC, EPC, and NRECA. The Subcommittee may make recommendations on the need for, and content of, environmental resolutions.


The Subcommittee reports to the TAC on a semi-annual basis. The chairperson of the Subcommittee provides written and verbal reports to the TAC at the semi-annual meetings and reports verbally to the membership of the NREEA at its semi-annual meetings.

TAC Members

Ruth Calderon, NREEA President, Golden Spread
Don Huff, NREEA Vice President, Dairyland Power
Michelle Freeark, Subcommittee Chair, Arizona G&T Cooperatives
Andy Berger, Tri-State
Stephen Cain, Arkansas Electric
Jim Frauen, Seminole
Kent Fletcher, Western Farmers
Joe Hazewinkel, Wolverine
Toni Presnell, Oglethorpe
Jerry Purvis, East Kentucky Power Cooperative

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