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​​​​​​​​​​​​Registration Deadline: October 16, 2020


​Tabletop exercises are a useful tool for buildin​g response skills and plans to prepare for a cybersecurity incident before it happens. NRECA w​ill host a live, online tabletop exercise (TTX) for distribution utilities in collaboration with Norwich University Applied Research Institutes (NUARI) as part of October’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM).

Registration Deadline: October 16, 2020

​​​Who Should Attend?​

Members of the co-op utility community and their associated vendors/service providers are encouraged to participate in this free exercise.

Who is Invited to this Event?

All NRECA and APPA member utilities are invited to register.

How to Register

One individual at each participating utility will be required to register for this web event using the link provided. Additional information about the utility’s specific participants will be collected after the registration is complete. Prior to registration, please read the following information.

How the Exercise Works
  • The CyberSEEC exercise will utilize a virtual platform developed by NUARI: the ​Distributed Environment for Critical Infrastructure Decision-Making Exercises (DECIDE®)​ cyber-training platform.
  • The CyberSEEC Design Team will provide support to participants before, during and after the TTX. This team includes NRECA’s RC3 Program Team, volunteers from the co-op ​community, and NUARI staff.
  • Participants can access the TTX DECIDE platform individually and from any computer.
  • NRECA will not collect the raw data produced during the online exercise. NUARI will collect data entered into the DECIDE platform and provide it to the participating utilities, and then delete the data after the exercise.​
  • The utility has the option to invite observers (board member, leadership, etc.) to watch and monitor activities, but who will not engage directly in the exercise.
​​About this Exercise
  • Each utility will need to identify an Exercise Coordinator. The Exercise Coordinator is responsible for:
    • Completing registration for this web event. Only one person should handle registration for each utility and for the utility’s other participants.
    • Completing a survey identifying who will participate and their roles (including associated providers/vendors), identifying observers invited to the exercise, and providing additional background information about the utility. Note that an acknowledgement that the utility understands NAURI’s data use policy and security controls is part of the process.
    • Serving as a narrator to guide the utility through the exercise. The narrator may answer/ask questions regarding the TTX scenario, but will not be involved in the decision-making process of the utility’s response.
  • In addition to the Exercise Coordinator, the utility’s TTX Team must consist of at least three participants representing three different job roles. There should not be more than one participant in the same job role. Job roles can include CEO/GM, IT, Engineering, Operations, Communications, Finance, Legal, Office Manager, third party service provider, etc.
  • Prior to the exercise:
    • After the Exercise Coordinator registers the utility, a survey will be sent to the Coordinator. This survey will ask for the names and job roles for the utility’s TTX team participants, identification of observers, and other background information.
    • All cooperatives need to be registered by Oct. 16. All surveys identifying team members must be​ submitted by Oct. 20. No changes or additions to team members will be allowed after October 20.​
    • All TTX participants, including the Exercise Coordinator and providers/vendors, will be required to attend a short training course to learn how to use the DECIDE platform before the exercise date.
  • During the exercise:
    • The CyberSEEC Design Team will work with the utility’s Exercise Coordinator to help utilities work through the exercise, troubleshoot issues, and monitor progress through a centralized dashboard.
  • After the exercise:
    • Each utility will receive an excel file with their raw data responses.
    • Each participant will be asked to complete an evaluation of the exercise.




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​Free for all NRECA and Public Power Utility members.​​


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