The Association for Training and Development (ATD) has declared December 3-7, 2018, Employee Learning Week in an effort to "highlight the important connection between learning and achieving organizational results" (ATD). To help celebrate, NRECA is asking our members to share how they, a colleague or a staff member have demonstrated a commitment to learning in 2018.

Some ideas for how you can create shareable learning success stories follow:

  • Take a picture of a congratulatory event your co-op might have held for a colleague who has achieved an educational milestone
  • Take a picture of a colleague holding a recently earned certificate
  • Record a video thanking your CEO for investing in your professional development
  • Write a short description of how you or a colleague dedicated their spare time pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree
  • Record a video testimonial of how pursuing learning has improved your career

Email your learning success stories, photos or videos to or post them to your co-op’s social media sites and tag @NRECA (on Facebook) or @NRECANews (on Twitter) and use the hashtag #ATDEmployeeLearningWeek between December 3-7. We’ll post what you send or share what you post via NRECA social media channels! As you prepare any images, please keep these guidelines in mind (though if you cannot configure your files to these specifications, that is okay! We can work with whatever you send us):

Submission Guidance
  • Success stories sent to for posting should be submitted as word documents, 150 words max.
  • Photos should be .jpg or .png 
    • Facebook: 1,200 x 630 px, scale 1.91:1 (no significant minimum or max sizes) 
    • Twitter: 506 x 253, scale 2:1 (Minimum 440 x 220, max 1024 x 512, and max file size is 5MB)
  • Video – using your cell phone, held horizontally, create your 20 second video recording.

See additional rules for submission.

Thank you for helping us celebrate the value of continuous learning!

See examples from last year's Employee Learning Week

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Jennifer Scott_Whitewater Valley.png

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