​​​​​​​​​​​​​I heard the name of the NRECA annual meeting has changed. What is the new name?
The new name of the NRECA Annual Meeting is NRECA PowerXchange: Where insights, ideas and connections converge.

Why did the name change?
The new name of the annual meeting better reflects the ways in which the event has evolved over the years to meet the changing demands of today's co-ops, as well as the exciting new changes that are coming in the future.

Originally envisioned as a one-hour business meeting conducted annually, the meeting has become a vibrant hub of engagement and discovery that empowers America's electric cooperatives to lead their communities forward in an evolving energy industry.

It is THE place where co-op leaders come together on this scale to engage, share best practices and enter deep discussions around what they are encountering and working through—and the new name is just the beginning of many changes to come. With PowerXchange, we're looking forward to introducing a revitalized, fresh event format that prioritizes innovative engagement opportunities and forward-thinking interactive sessions.

What does the new name mean?
The name PowerXchange is inspired by the knowledge sharing that is the cornerstone of this event—a powerful exchange and cross pollination of ideas that happens both formally and organically​.

The word “power" gives a nod to the energy industry and signifies the powerful impact resulting from this exchange of ideas, and the power of bringing together the entire co-op community to solve challenges and amplify results.

The strategic abbreviation of the word exchange with a large X represents the concept of convergence and coming together.

What is the meaning behind the design of the logo?
​The particular treatment of the “X" symbolizes the coming together of NRECA's diverse membership to lead the energy future; separate parts converging to create a whole. The left side of the “X" is enveloped within the overall “X' shape that starts the word 'Xchange.' This symbolizes unification. The left side of the “X" also forms an arrow, signifying the event's forward, future-looking momentum.

When did​ the new name go into effect?
The new name went into effect at the 2021 event. ​​​

​Will the meeting be different?
Over the years, the annual meeting has been slowly changing to better meet the needs of our members. We've shortened our general sessions; added more focused, interactive educational sessions designed to address and provide tools to tackle critical industry issues; more community service opportunities; and more opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and interaction. Our goal for PowerXchange is to provide new and innovative ways for our members to connect with colleagues facing similar challenges and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between co-ops. This year and beyond, our program will continue to shift in response to our members' needs and will be designed to meet the meeting's purpose of being a vibrant hub of engagement and discovery for our members.

Will this meeting still meet the NRECA bylaw requirements for an annual meeting?
​Yes. PowerXchange will still offer a business meeting portion of the meeting where voting delegates will vote on the proposed resolutions put forward at the previous year's regional meetings.

​TechAdvantage® Experience (comprised of the conference and the expo) has typically occurred in tandem with NRECA's annual meeting. Will there be any changes to TechAdvantage as a result of the changes to the annual meeting?
​There will be no changes to TechAdvantage Experience as a result of the changes to the annual meeting.

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