NRECA On-Site Training

Are you looking for training for your co-op staff or board members? 

​​​​Bring training to your co-op! NRECA offers a wide variety of courses for co-op staff and board members that can be delivered at a location of your choice. On-site training is a cost-effective, flexible and efficient way to provide your staff and board members with the knowledge and skills they need to support your cooperative’s mission and goals while pursuing their own professional development. 

Why bring training on-site?  

  • Saved time and expenses: Bringing training to your co-op saves you the time and money associated with sending staff or board members to training offered at locations across the country.
  • Personal Attention: The course instructor will contact you (or the CEO) prior to the scheduled training to learn about particular issues and/or challenges facing the co-op so they can be addressed appropriately in the course.
  • Convenient: You schedule the training for a time that works best for your co-op, at a location of your choice.
  • Consistent experience, efficient application: By learning as a group to and having a common learning experience, your staff or board members leave the classroom with shared knowledge and experiences that will help them apply their learning back in the workplace or boardroom.
  • Opportunity to share costs: You can join with other co-ops to deliver training at a mutually convenient location and share costs. This is a great option for co-ops that may not have the staff, or resources, to host training on their own. 
Planning Tools

Download these resources to help you plan your co-op’s professional development strategy:

How On-site Training Works Fact Sheet 2017

On-site Training Rate Card

Director Education Catalog

Electric Cooperative Employee CompetenciesNEW!

How does on-site training work?

The graphic below gives a high-level illustration of how NRECA will work with you to coordinate training at your locations.  

What programs do you offer for on-site delivery?

We offer on-site training in the following areas:
  • Co-op business and industry
  • Supervisor and Manager Development
  • Key Accounts
  • Director Education
The courses included in these areas can be found on the Courses tab in the Conferences & Education section of Courses available for on-site delivery are indicated with a red “onsite” icon. Some of these courses may apply toward a certificate/certification program, please visit our Certificate Programs tab for details.
Learn more! Check out this “How On-site Training Works” fact sheet, the “Planning Resources” we have on the right side of this page and then contact us (info below)! We’ll work with you to craft the best solution to meet your staff and board members professional development needs. 



​​​​​Brianne Lane
Education and Training Specialist

Janet Bowers
Senior Education Representative