Program Description
Federated Safety Training: Program Description

​Safety is a prerequisite for everyone in the system. Directors, management, operations people, clerical people — even the meter readers — should be able to identify potential hazards that cause accidents.

Accident Investigation
Presentation time: 3 hours *
This program is for any employee who may be involved in accident investigation. Includes preparation, equipment needed and reporting procedures. Takes participants through several accident scenarios.

Avoiding Property Damage Claims
Presentation time: 2 hours *
Designed to address maintenance issues that may cause property damage claims incurred by your system. This program uses case histories from Federated’s claims files.

Back Injury Prevention
Presentation time: 1.5 hours *
This presentation is designed to make employees aware of the importance of exercise and nutrition for back care. This is not a lifting program. The content covers several methods that can assist in reducing the most common workers’ compensation injuries.

Cooperative Security
Presentation time: 1.5 hours *
Addresses issues related to workplace violence both in the office and in the field. Deals with intrusion into the office from potential robbers and violence encountered in the field by operations personnel, meter readers and service personnel.

Hazard Recognition
Presentation time: 2 hours *
Photos from Federated’s claim files are used to initiate participant interaction. Great program for all employees, operational and inside.

Job Briefing
Presentation time: 1.5 hours *
This program provides an explanation and purpose of job briefings, as well as the steps involved in a job briefing. Job briefings can prevent accidents by informing all crew members what is required for the job and how it will be accomplished safely.

Presentation time: 1.5 hours *
This program is designed to help train employees to become responsible and efficient leaders. The content discusses the characteristics related to being an effective leader, such as trust, confidence, communication skills and vision.

Occupational Stress Management
Presentation time: 2 hours *
Occupational stress is one of the major health hazards of the modern workplace. It accounts for many problems experienced by millions of workers. This training program will help employees get started on the road to successful stress management.

Supervisory Responsibility and Liability
Presentation time: 2 hours *
Designed to give operations managers, superintendents, foremen and lead linemen critical information about their responsibility to provide a safe work environment for employees and the public. Covers their responsibility for the system’s revenue and quality utility work.

Utility Driving
Presentation time: 2-3 hours *
Creates an awareness of the liabilities and responsibilities of those who drive company vehicles. Designed to help eliminate vehicle damage from backing and parking mistakes. This program uses slides, transparencies and a Federated-produced video, You, The One in the Driver’s Seat.

* Presentation times are approximate.