Electric Cooperative Employee Competencies

NRECA is committed to helping electric cooperatives address the learning and development challenges of a rapidly changing industry and workforce. The Electric Cooperative Employee Competency Model is intended to be a comprehensive, evolving, flexible resource that reflects the behaviors, knowledge, skills and abilities co-op employees need to be successful in providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to their members.

This model is meant to provide a foundation for cooperatives to customize for their needs and circumstances. It is a tool to help cooperatives align the talent of their employees in order to achieve goals, execute more effectively and enhance leadership impact. This new framework can be a resource for:

  • Employees who want to identify learning opportunities. Competency models can help individuals target the unique mix of skills and knowledge they need to achieve their professional goals and support their co-op in particular job roles.
  • Supervisors who want to work with their employees to identify knowledge and skill gaps and build learning development plans.
  • Cooperatives to improve organizational results by aligning a competency framework to the cooperative's strategic goals and priorities. Competencies then become a workforce management tool for building job descriptions, recruiting, performance management and succession planning.

About the Electric Cooperative Employee Competency Model

NRECA has been working with subject matter experts and member advisory groups to develop and validate competencies (knowledge, skills, and abilities) in three broad categories:

  1. Role-Specific Competencies address specific professional and technical roles.
  2. Core Competencies support successful performance for ALL cooperative employees, regardless of the individual's role or expertise.
  3. Supervisory, Management and Leadership Competencies promote the qualities needed to engage and lead individuals and high performing teams and affect organizational results.

Download a PDF version of NRECA’s Electric Cooperative Employee Competency Model:

NRECA Competency-Based Events and Programs

NRECA events and programs are designed to target content and skills practice that are relevant and transferrable to the workplace. The model recognizes that each role, and co-op, is unique and encourages our members to identify the learning opportunities that best fit their learning needs.

How Employees, Supervisors and Cooperatives can Match Professional Development Needs with Learning Opportunities

To help you identify relevant learning opportunities:

  1. Review the competencies listed and identify those that are relevant to your co-op and/or your role.
  2. Determine which competency areas are a priority and/or reflect a learning opportunity.
  3. Identify learning opportunities that link to that competency.  These can include courses, conferences and meetings, web-based learning, and certificate programs. Download this competency map that shows how NRECA learning offerings align with NRECA’s Electric Cooperative Employee Competencies.

Stay tuned as we continue to update competency information to each NRECA program webpage. 

Questions about the Electric Cooperative Employee Competency Model?

Jeanette Will, NRECA

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