Role-Specific Competencies


The knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for specific professional and technical roles.


The knowledge, skills, and abilities that address specific professional and technical roles.

Management Support
Provides administrative and clerical support to management. Serves as liaison between manager and co-op staff.

Office Organization and Management
Ensures co-op staff has supplies and equipment needed to perform their daily work.

Project Management
Demonstrates knowledge of the steps required in starting, organizing, planning, and managing a project.

Information/Records Administration
Effectively compiles, organizes, analyzes, stores and retrieves printed and electronic information.

Financial/Budget Administration
Plans and monitors the use of expenditures to meet co-op or department objectives and compliance; prepares budget documents and reports.

Board Member and Board Meeting Support
Together with the management team, ensures the board members have the information and education they need to fulfill their roles at the co-op.

Event or Meeting Planning
Coordinates the logistical aspects of co-op member meetings, such as the co-op’s Annual Meeting.


  • Vice President/Senior Director of Administrative Services
  • Office Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Facilities Manager
  • Operations and Engineering Support

Finance and Accounting

Analyzes and reporting of financial transactions that affect cash flow and long-term liability and equity.

Standards and Practices
Adheres to professional and industry-specific standards and practices.

Cooperative Finance and Governance
Regulatory Accounting for Electric Utilities
Financial Information Systems and Processes
Professional Ethics

Financial and Cost Accounting
Collects, analyzes, and prepares financial and non-financial information used for corporate finance planning and decision making.

Bookkeeping and Transactional Accounting
Financial Statements and Reporting
Electric Rates

Corporate Finance
Performs assessment, planning, and oversight activities in support of the cooperative's strategic goals.

Asset and Capital Structure Management
Financial and Risk Forecasting

  • Vice President/Senior Director of Administrative Services
  • Office Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Facilities Manager
  • Operations and Engineering Support

Human Resources

Guides and manages employee services, policies, and programs for the entire company enabling legal compliance and employee retention.

Compliance and Risk
Monitors compliance with laws and regulations; ensure a healthy, safe and secure work environment; and protects employee privacy.

Strategic HR Management
Identifies, develops, and executes human resource and organizational development strategies to support the cooperative's strategic business objectives.

Employee Relations
Evaluates the work environment and develops, implements and measures strategies to support positive employee and labor relations, balancing employee needs and rights with the organization's strategy and objectives.

Talent Management
Ensures the skills, knowledge, abilities and performance of the workforce meet the current and future organizational and individual needs.

Workforce Planning

Compensation & Benefit Administration
Develops /selects, implements/administers, and evaluates compensation and benefits programs for all employee groups in order to support the organization’s goals, objectives and values.

  • Vice President/Director/Manager of Human Resources
  • Benefits Specialist
  • Training Specialist
  • HR Manager
  • HR Specialist
  • Safety/Loss Control/Risk Management Director/Manager

       Other Corporate Services/Administration competencies identified:

  • Legal/Risk and Compliance
  • Office IT

Supply Chain and Procurement Management

Manages the processes, activities, and networks needed to source, transport, warehouse, and deliver products and services.

Planning and Coordination
Implements and integrates practices throughout the supply chain.

Strategic Planning
Risk Management /Compliance

Assessment and Monitoring
Observes, records and collects data to evaluate conditions and support decision-making.

Department Assessment
Quality Control

Cost and Finance
Performs financial analysis to optimize business decisions.

Budgeting/Cost Management/Spend Profile
Cost/Benefit Analyses
Financing and Leveraging Strategies

Coordinates handling and processing of products and services.

Materials & Inventory Management

Obtains goods and services.

Procurement Policies and Standards
Contract Management and Negotiation
Strategic Sourcing
Vendor Management


  • Vice President/Senior Director of Procurement
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Purchasing Specialist
  • Warehouse Supervisor/Materials Handler

Safety/Loss Control

Develops, implements, and assesses hazard control measures.

Environmental Protection
Characterizes and controls potentially harmful agents, wastes and other effluents in order to minimize their damage to the environment, ecological systems, and people.

Safety Hazard Management
The actions related to recognizing conditions or a set of circumstances that could cause occupational illness, physical harm, or damage to property and taking all practical steps to remove, minimize, mediate, or control the identified hazards.

Hazard Identification
Hazard Evaluation
Hazard Control Design
Hazard Control Verification
Safety Training/Education
Safety/Health Communication Troubleshooting

Safety Compliance
Adherence to workplace health and safety policies, rules, standards, and laws related to managing job site safety in order to protect employees from physical harm and illness while also safeguarding equipment, materials, and the environment.

Supervision of Other Safety Personnel
Electric Transmission and Distribution
Materials Handling

Safety Risk Management
A systematic approach to managing workplace safety involving observation, evaluation, analysis, and the implementation of controls to reduce risk while protecting employees, guests, the community, organizational assets, and the environment.

Safety/Health Program Evaluation
Program Design
Investigation and Statistical Reporting
Quality Control/Continuous Improvement

  • Safety/Loss Control/Risk Management Director/Manager
  • Vice President/Director/Manger/Supervisor of Engineering
  • Vice President/Director/Manager/Supervisor of Operations
  • Linemen
  • Foremen

Distribution Engineering

Deals with technical operation, design and utilization of the electric power system and the myriad of connected devices and systems.

Professional Engineering Practice
Applies engineering principles and practices.

Mathematics and Science
Professional Ethics
Regulations and Standards

Planning and Operations
The setup, operation, control, maintenance and improvement of power delivery systems.

Construction and System Planning
Risk, Reliability and Uncertainty Tools and Technology
Maintenance, Installation, and Repair

Design and Build
Devises a system, component, or process to meet desired needs.

System Engineering and Specifications
Engineering Economics
Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Construction Equipment and Methods

  • Vice President/Director/Manager/Supervisor of Engineering
  • Engineer Distribution
  • Systems Operations Manager 

    Other Operations competencies identified: 
  • Construction/Facilities
  • Line Operations 
  • Operations IT
  • Power Supply/DER

Communication and Relationship Management

Plans, implements, and monitors communications to position the cooperative as a good corporate citizen and to align with the cooperative’s strategic goals.

Creates communication using the right mix of practical communication abilities to support the business goals and vision articulated in the communication plan.

Communication to Influence
Visual and Digital Media

Standards and Practices
Adheres to accepted standards of professional behavior.

Professional Ethics
Legal and Sourcing Issues

Message Development
Uses research, planning, and evaluation methodologies to develop and implement communication plans and programs that support the cooperatives strategic goals.


Identifies and promotes products and services.

Member Services
Brand Management
Information/Channel Management
Social Media Marketing

Relationship Management
Establishes and builds relationship with and between cooperative staff and key external stakeholders.

Employee Relations
Consulting and Coaching
Member and Community Relations
Government Relations
Media Relations

Issues Management
Identifies and analyzes potential issues important to the organization and manages communications.

Environmental Scan/Risk Management
Crisis Communication
Management Counsel

  • Vice President/Senior Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Vice President/Senior Director of Member Services
  • Vice President/Senior Director of Business Development
  • Communications Specialist/Assistant
  • Marketing Specialist/Assistant
  • Member Services Specialist
  • Key Accounts Manager
  • Editor

    Other External Relations/Communications competencies identified:
  • Government Relations/Regulatory Affairs
  • Economic/Business and Community Development