Summer School for Directors

Electric co-ops and their boards now operate in an increasingly complex utility marketplace. Boards are challenged to address multiple large-scale issues, including rising costs, climate-change, power supply constraints, and heightened scrutiny of corporate governance practices — all within the context of a global economic crisis.

To help ensure that board leaders develop the knowledge and skills required to meet these challenges successfully, NRECA offers a variety courses at the 2017 Summer School for Directors program in two great locations, for your convenience.

Why Should You Attend?

Earn credits towards Director Gold!

The new Director Gold credential recognizes directors who have earned their CCD and BLC credentials and are committed to continuing their education throughout their service on the board. If you have already earned your first Director Gold, you may apply the Directors School as one credit of continuing education for maintaining Gold. Working towards earning your initial Director Gold certificate? To earn the initial Gold, one must hold the CCD and BLC credential, and earn three additional credits from the Board Leadership Certificate series of courses.

Learn more about Director Gold here.


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